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Let's meet CBE's Other Government teams (aka "Other Gov"),
managed by Matt and Brittney.

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Feedback: How to give it, receive it, ask for it, and grow from it.
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help you understand your strengths, show you pathways to achieve that next step,
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Casual For A Cause

Casual for a Cause

On behalf of CBE's Casual for a Cause program, Dave Alderman (IRS) presented $4,100.18 to Kendall Crawford, Board member for Magical Mix Kids. Kendall stated that our donation would send at least 3 people to Disney World through their program. Thank you to the CBE employees who contribute!

CBE Companies Honored

Ameren Award

Recently in St. Louis, CBE was honored to receive Ameren Missouri’s Tier 1 Top Performing Agency Award! This award was especially impressive due to the fact CBE had only 9 months of inventory on the scorecard, compared to the other agencies who had 12 months of inventory! Congratulations to the Ameren team!!!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • MSATA 
    (Midwestern States Association of Tax Administrators)
    Annual Meeting

    Cleveland, OH
    Aug 25-28
    Chance Hoskinson


Industry Insights

Debt Collection Insights

  • Last month's Outsourcing Connection Newsletter focused on PCI compliance, philanthropic initiatives, and other industry news. Click here to read more.

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